Affordable and Trusted Accounting, Bookkeeping, VAT Registration and Return Filing Services

The One Stop Shop to outsource all your Accounting, VAT consultancy, registration and Filing. We provide easy access to qualified bookkeepers and accounting professionals, without you ever having to hire them.

VAT Services

We provide VAT consultancy services with extensive experience, resources, and exposure to tax regimes of many countries to address your needs of adhering to local regulations as well as being profitable.

Accounting & Outsourcing

We support our clients by setting up accounting and internal controls, supervision, outsourcing entire book keeping function

Audit & Assurance

Best internal audit & advisory services complying with regulatory demands and account standards, to enhance your business performance & any issues in carrying out day-to-day activities to reduce associated risks.

Accounting Software

We provide customized accounting software consultancy and implementation, staff training and data input as per your requirement . We carefully evaluate your business requirements and provide best accounting software solution at affordable rates.

About Us

With experts in a wide range of industries our aim is to ensure you get the best team. Al Asr Accounting & Bookkeeping has always endeavored to conduct its business in a manner conforming to the highest standards. Al Asr Accounting & Bookkeeping’s reputation for unquestionable integrity is one of the most valuable assets in its relationship with clients. We combine economic success with social responsibility, to ensure sustainable development and contribute to a better future for us and for the coming generations. We are a firm of experienced consultants, accountants and professionals from various industries from across the globe based in Dubai offering one stop shop of professional consulting services. On a larger scale we provide services in VAT Consulting, Accounting and Bookkeeping, HR Consulting, Web Development & Graphic Design and related business advisory services as per scope of work specified. Excellent knowledge base combined with hands on experience acquired through years of handling wide range of high profile clients. From strategy to implementation, our hands-on approach has achieved success in delivering quantifiable and value-driven results.

Industries We Serve

Al Asr Accounting has it’s roots in helping building trades keep track of their numbers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help other industries. In fact, we’ve found that accounting for every screw on a building site has prepared us just about everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know most of you will have at least a few of these questions for us, so to save us both time – here are your answers!

How will you help us to save money?

Through our valuable experience and expertise, we will inspect and evaluate all of your systems before working alongside you to automate and streamline the accounting processes of your business via the latest and greatest accounting technologies.

Why choose Al Asr Accounting over the many other accountants out there?

Al Asr Accounting has 10+ years of experience in providing tailor-made accounting services to businesses and individuals across a wide variety of industries. Combining the different experiences and backgrounds of our highly qualified team of dedicated accounting advisors, we are able to identify the optimum strategic insights that will allow your finances to flourish. Each of our services and operations can also be customized to fit yours and your business’s needs, as well as any deadlines that need to be met.

Is working virtually cost-effective for my business?

It certainly is! Small jobs that can be done in a matter of minutes can be completed at a whim without the need to schedule more time than would be needed when working offline. You are also not confined to working to a tight 9-5, 5-day a week schedule and could complete that job in the evening or on the weekend from home.

Will Al Asr Accounting be able to handle all taxes, bills, invoicing and payroll?

At Al Asr Accounting, we can handle all of the above as well as any other accounting and bookkeeping needs that you might have.

Will you be able to provide catch-up bookkeeping as part of your services?

Yes, we have the systems and software that can help us to catch-up with your bookkeeping in a cost-efficient and convenient manner.

Why do i need you if i have my own accountant already?

We are not here to replace your accountant as they will always be a very important part of your business. However, they will be busy focusing on any tax planning and filing that your business needs in order to remain compliant. Our advisors, on the other hand, will be concentrating on the analysis of your business operations and providing you with comprehensive financial reports that will be able to help you make a financial decision outside of compliance.

Why shouldn’t i just hire a bookkeeper?

You could but in the modern day, with the advancement of technologies, there are very few companies that actually need a full-time bookkeeper. Our accounting services will actually cost you less than it would to have one on board on a full-time basis. This is because our firm focuses on providing flexible cost-effective solutions that will streamline your accounting systems so that many tasks or processes can be automated.

Are you able to serve businesses of all types and sizes?

Yes, we have helped companies of varying sizes ranging right from startups to huge international corporations. We have worked with a large variety of different types of businesses from various industries and sectors.

Will you be able to adequately handle my accounts if i have a number of different locations?

This will not be a problem at all. We will be able to give you financials for each location, consolidated reports and will also show you which locations are performing better than others via comparative analysis.

What if i have multiple businesses?

We welcome clients with multiple businesses and are able to handle each of them in equal capacity. We will treat each business separately and provide consolidated reports and analysis for all of them.

Can Al Asr Accounting help my start-up business?

We understand just how tough it can be as a startup business but we are confident that with our help, the finances of the business will continue to grow incrementally. We can offer advice on how you should consider running your business, set you up with streamlined financial systems that will allow you more time to focus on the growth of your company.

Do you perform services for individuals?

Yes, we can help you with tailor-made tracking and reporting of your personal finances.

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